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Not all removal companies are the same !

With an alarming number of rogue traders out there you should be sure your not about to book one for your removal

This guide is designed to reduce stress of moving by offering advice and information that will help you choose a service that meets your needs and prepare for the smoothest possible move.

You can also find a range of other professional local services on our Links page.

The right service for you !

1.Always try to obtain a minimum of three quotations in writing, ideally for a fixed price.

2. Ensure the company has all the insurances needed, most goods in transit insurances will have terms and conditions that you should understand and sign.

3.make sure that all items are disclosed including items in cellars, loft and garages to avoid additional charges.

4. Make sure you are clear about what the service includes, ie packing, dismantling and disconnecting appliances. Some companies will not take goods upstairs or will charge extra to do so.

5. Try to choose a company with a proven track record. ie recommendations.



All furniture should be empty for the safest possible move, doors should be taped shut where possible and any loose shelves or components removed.

Large or unstable flat pack furniture should disassembled and have all sharp fixings removed.

surfaces can be protected with bubble wrap or blankets, most good removal companies will use blankets to protect surfaces whilst in the vehicle.




Buy your packing materials from us and we'll give you a free detailed packing guide to minimize the risk of your goods being damaged.

Always mark boxes containing fragile items so that they don't end up at the bottom of a stack, it is also a good idea to label boxes with the room you would like them to end up in to save time at the new address.

Fragile and sharp objects should be wrapped with bubble wrap, Paper or textiles such as tea towels or transported in a large plastic food container.


All appliances should ideally be disconnected prior to the move as many removals companies cant offer this service due to restrictions in their liability insurance. If you are unable to do this check to see if your removal company can offer this service and if there will be any extra charges.

Fridges and freezers should be empty and if they are going to be in the van a while,defrosted. We also recommend that fridges and freezers are left to stand for a few hours before being switched back on especially if they have been laid down.